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We make every effort to provide a convenient and easy to use pricing guide that will allow for a simplified and accurate understanding of your individual case invoices and monthly statements. At Collaborative Dental Laboratory Services, we offer effortless pricing, ensured with quality! If a service needed is not listed below, please reach out to our laboratory for possible special arrangements and requests, or more information.

A complimentary custom shade is included with every crown and bridge! Please contact our laboratory directly to schedule an appointment at 513.248.2357! We look forward to seeing you!

Pricing Guide


 All Ceramic (Custom Shade Included)                                              

Monolithic Zirconia $150
Porcelain Fused to Zirconia $185
Lithium Disilicate (IPS EMAX) $185

 Porcelain To Metal (Custom Shade Included)                                 

  $185 + Alloy

 Full Cast Restorations                                                           

  $150 + Alloy

 Complete & Removable Partial Dentures                          

Full Dentures $320 + Teeth
Immediate Dentures $210 + Teeth
Acrylic Partial $150 + Teeth
Flex Partial/Combo Please Contact Lab
Cast Framework Please Contact Lab
Flipper- No Clasp $125

 Implant Abutment (includes soft tissue cast & positioning index)         

Titanium (Custom Abutment) $270
Zirconia (Custom Abutment) $370
Zirconia with Titanium Base $425
Zirconia with Titanium Base- Angled Screw Channel $425
Screw Retained One Piece (UCLA) $425 + Alloy
Gold Anodized Coating $40

 Provisional Restorations                                                       

Provisional  with Temporary Cylinder   $150
Provisional Crown $75
Provisional Shell $30
Essix Appliance $75

 Milled Bars / Screw Retained Hybrids                               

Hybrid Wrap Around Please Contact Lab
Monolithic Zirconia Please Contact Lab
Zirconia With Porcelain Please Contact Lab
Milled Bar Overdenture Please Contact Lab
Traditional Attachment or Overdenture Please Contact Lab

 Other Services                                                                            

Printed 3D Models $30
Mounted Study Cast $25
Soft Tissue Cast $30
Positioning Index $20
Analog $40
Wax Up $20/Unit
Occlusal Guard $125
Post & Core $75
Custom Tray $45
Baseplate & Occlusal Rim $50
Wax Set Up Try-In $75 + Teeth
Premium Acrylic Finish $150

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