Straumann® Cares®

Straumann® CARES®
M series

The CARES® M series is a single system that can handle the majority of your casework, enabling wet, wet/dry and dry-milling in a single system. You can produce an extensive range of restorations with a unique range of materials and indications. With multiple workflow options, you can enjoy the full flexibility of using one system regardless of the case that arrives from your customer. For work peaks or complex cases, this centralized milling facility operates as an extension of your lab.

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The Straumann® CARES® CAM module in the CARES® Visual software includes elaborate collision control and avoidance to ensure a high degree of process reliability.


Multiple workflows and wide range of materials. Modular and upgradable with multiple material blank holders and in-lab fabrication of customized one-piece titanium abutments.

Ease of use and speed.









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